Published on Apr 28, 2021

Contact Us

We are a small graduate bootstrapped program at a public university. The best way to answer your questions is to ask the right person. Below is the contact information for the different parts of the university that you may need to access. We inviste you to take full advantage of these.

Name Location Phone Email Web
IxDIA Graduate Program Art & Education Building, 1231b +1(510) 885-3111 Web Link
Department of Art Art & Education Building, 1233 +1(510) 885-3111 Web Link
Office of Admissions Student and Faculty Support Building +1(510) 885-3500 Web Link
International Admissions Office Student and Faculty Support Building +1(510) 885-7571 Web Link
Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center N/A +1(857) 304-2087 Web Link